Tooky Toy Wooden Container Carrier


This vehicle set includes a cab with a magnetic crane, a trailer and two containers in different colors. The crane swings from side to side, the tower moves up and down from its joints, and the magnetic catch picks up the containers.

There are plenty of possibilities while playing with this toy. Your kid can drive the truck loaded with containers, unload the containers with the magnetic crane, unhitch the trailer, and play with the cab and trailer separately.

Playing with his colourful construction carrier supports imaginative role-play, encourages creativity and social skills, as well as improves motor skills of toddlers. Manual dexterity will also be encouraged while playing with this joyful toy.

Thanks to its rounded and easy to hold shape, our cargo truck are perfect for kids' play, who are 3 and more years old.

Our toys are made from sustainable wood finished with non-toxic paint that are perfectly safe for your kids and can even withstand the harshest types of playing.