Why Montessori Busy Boards are the Best Toy for Toddlers

The philosophy behind Montessori toys like the Montessori Busy Boards is quite simple: Real toys, mostly made of wood, and not too many of them. This is based on the belief that children need to be encouraged to explore the world around them, as play is a huge part of their development. Children learn quickly through play by touching and exploring various objects, and a busy board is a Montessori toy that stimulates learning through experiments. It is a toy that a child can touch and hold, and learning to manipulate everyday objects helps children develop their fine motor skills while figuring things out at their own pace.

While parents often believe that their toddlers need a lot of toys, less can actually be more, especially for a curious toddler who loves to tinker. Toddlers love playing with wooden blocks, jumping on mini couches, tinkering with boxes of plastic kitchen tools, strewing paper across living room floors, and enjoying open-ended play. These activities are designed to develop their gross motor skills and provide an opportunity for toddlers to explore their surroundings. The best way to provide your child with a full sensory experience is to give them a Montessori busy board.

Montessori busy boards are the best toys for toddlers for five reasons:

  1. They Build Nerve Connections in the Brain

Sensory experiences are often dismissed as mere playthings by parents, but they have a huge impact on a child's physical brain development. A child's brain is packed with neurons, and sensory play helps develop pathways between them. The more sensory experiences a child has, the stronger the pathways that are developed. These pathways may disappear when not used often, but sensory play helps build strong pathways that enable children to understand and complete complex tasks as they grow older.

  1. They Promote Early Childhood Development

Montessori busy boards encourage sensory play, which goes hand in hand with brain development. This kind of play promotes early childhood development, including cognitive growth, language development, fine and gross motor skills, social interactions, and problem-solving skills. When children scoop, shape, splash, or mold things, they use various muscles to complete these actions. They are already discovering, learning, and understanding things through the use of their senses, even before they are able to speak. Playing with other kids promotes social interaction and boosts cognitive growth, helping improve children's communication and language skills.

  1. They Enhance and Strengthen Memory

Sensory play enhances a child's memory through practice. By interacting with different textures, tastes, and smells, children use their senses to strengthen and build their cognitive and motor memories.

  1. They Calm Your Little One

Sensory play can be calming for children. Montessori toys have been proven to calm overstimulated, frustrated, and anxious babies. They become noticeably calmer and sleepier. Water play is known to relax babies before bedtime, and sensory play helps to relieve discomfort, agitation, anxiety, and restlessness.

  1. They Teach Children Sensory Attributes

Every time a child touches something wet, sticky, cold, or with other textures, they build upon their previous understanding of the characteristics of objects. Sensory play helps the brain recognize the characteristics of things and sensations, enabling children to relate these things to similar items they've experienced before. A Montessori busy board helps children verbalize different feelings and sensory attributes.

In conclusion, Montessori busy boards are the perfect toys for toddlers. They provide a full sensory experience, promote early childhood development, enhance and strengthen memory, calm overstimulated babies, and teach children sensory attributes. With all these benefits, there's no doubt that Montessori busy boards are the best toys for toddlers!

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