Rainbow block balancing Cobblestone 21 pcs

Stacking Balancing Stone Rocks 21 pcs
  • 1. Hand grasping pebbles, when the fingers are separated and grasped together to grasp the strength of the use, can be a good exercise for the baby's small muscles and small finger coordination ability.
  • 2. 360 ° meticulous polishing, smooth and rounded without hurting the hand, each place is meticulously polished, soft feel just to protect the baby's tender hands.
  • 3. Strictly chosen wood, adhere to the craftsmanship, chosen wood bran powder high-temperature pressing, hard texture, not easy to deformation and cracking.
  • 4. The use of different shapes and sizes of gravity pebbles for stacking, how can stack high.
  • 5. Use the different sizes and colors of pebbles, use your imagination to create your favorite pebble pattern.

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