Steiner Set of 12 Wooden Rainbow Dolls Rainbow Friends--Pastel


The options for play with these 12 wooden peg dolls is endless! 

Each hand-painted peg doll is unique! Style them with cloth or tape, match colours with the 12 piece rainbow, place them on a shelf in a child's room... Enjoy! 

Materials: alder and maple wood, non-toxic water based color stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish.

Dimensions: Frame length 15.5cm, peg dolls height 6cm, diameter 3cm.

Age group: 1 years +

Children of all ages will imagine many fun ways to use these sweet little Rainbow Friends. They are a natural addition to many of the toys already in your toybox, as they are designed for creative use in any way children see fit!

For instance, use them with structures and cities built with building blocks or other construction toys. They also make an excellent tool to counting or sorting, including mixing with other colorful objects. Slightly older children will love using leftover ribbons or fabrics to craft their own "clothes" for the dolls, or to include as part of a seasonal table display.

These Peg Dolls have simple forms to allow children to supply their own imagination to decide "who" the dolls are. All pieces are crafted by hand from sustainably harvested European wood. All edges are rounded for safety, then finished with natural waterbased stains and pure, food-grade vegetable oil.

All coatings are certified nontoxic and conform to stringent European  toy standards, making them safe and suitable for children. 

The 12 wooden dolls are the best mate with: Steiner 12 Piece Large Wooden Rainbow Stacker- Rubberwood

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